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MEFA Measures

Wave 2. July 2023


Wave 2 of MEFA Measures

Welcome to Wave 2 of MEFA Measures, Media For All’s annual survey on the current state of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the UK media and advertising industry.

Last Summer, Wave 1 of MEFA Measures highlighted perception gaps amongst different groups regarding opportunities for progression. Meanwhile only two months ago, the Advertising Association’s second All In Census cited three in ten Black people said they were likely to leave the industry due to a lack of inclusion.

This is why we do MEFA Measures, and in Wave 2 we are keen to understand how perceptions are evolving amongst talent of colour.

While we exist for people of colour, we want to hear from everyone. So please take 5 minutes to share your views, and help MEFA and industry employers drive the change you want to see.

The survey is open until Wednesday 23 August, 5pm. Look out for details of an Autumn event to announce findings.

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