MEFA Purpose

Our mentoring scheme is pivotal to our Rise pillar, ensuring talent from Black, Asian and minoritised ethnic communities can flourish and succeed in the media industry that we all love.


Our structured programme supports, encourages and champions talent, providing learning from lived experiences and practical expertise in a safe space. 


What Our Mentors And Mentees Say

MEFA Mentoring Scheme

Our 2022 mentoring programme will launch in April/May 2022.  This free 6-month programme will give people of colour within the media industry the opportunity to be mentored by a MEFA Role Model from a breadth of sectors within the industry. 


To be eligible as a mentee for the scheme, you need to be currently working within the media industry and be Black, Asian or from another minoritised ethnic background. As long as you work in a media-related role, regardless of sector, you can apply!


If you successfully apply for the scheme you will be paired with one of our MEFA role models based on your goals, aspirations and current challenges that you are facing in your career.

The scheme opens for mentee applications in March, 2021.


We will ask you to tell us about your challenges, experience and areas of development so we can match you with a MEFA Role Model.  We pair people up based on experience and skills rather than area of work or specific job role, although we can take those into account. 

We ask you to commit all of the monthly sessions to the 6 month programme and have a clear sense of what you need help with - just to make sure that you get maximum benefit from your mentor.  You will also join our MEFA community with regular events and updates and you will receive support throughout your mentoring journey.