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Jean Sarhadar

Reservation Manager


I can help with...

Currently, I work in the Reservation team, managing the Toyota/Lexus & Bridgestone accounts across all forms of “reserved media” which encapsulates AV media i.e. TV, VOD cinema, Audio and digital video, so can provide guidance within a quite specialised career in media with prolific clients, a career where negotiating is a notable skill to possess. I’ve personally had difficulty at the beginning of my career in being forthright, having to be bold and push for value for the benefits of my clients which conflicted a little with me culturally - those insights and the learnings obtained in building this up is something I can impart with my mentee.

I have also started to play a notable role in the diversity space within the agency group, working to drive positive change and have begun to build a profile here based on this work that sits aside my day job. Through this, I’ve learnt to manage with senior stakeholders, lead a large team, build a communications strategy, provide notable thought leadership and help build business plans. I would be very keen on helping my mentee to navigate how to manage profile and work to push their ambitions further, to ultimately flourish in the industry.



Media Agency


Media Buying


3 Years

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