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Nahida Rahman

Communications Planning Director


I can help with...

Coming from an ethnic background and working in an industry which struggles to attract BAME background employees I am keen to use this experience to influence others positively and try banish the notion that there is a "glass ceiling" for those of us who have ventured into this field of work. I would love to be able to share the opportunities within the industry and be able to initiate interest and growth in the person I have the opportunity to mentor. Being able to change mindset in terms of what’s possible instead of what’s not possible and at a time when we are all looking at inclusivity and diversity being art of our working culture I am keen to be able to put my efforts to enable that sort of growth.

The ultimate gain will be for both of us to learn something new and be able to influence our thinking going forward for growth and change and encourage a world where "differences" are celebrated.



Media Agency


Media Planning


>10 Years

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