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Helping Black, Asian and Mixed Raced - People of Colour

from Ethnic Minority backgrounds Thrive

MEFA’s mission is to help Black, Asian and Mixed Race ethnic minority talent thrive in the media and advertising industry and ultimately increase the ethnic diversity of the media and advertising industry in the UK. 

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MEFA Exists To Close The Representation Gap
In Media And Advertising

MEFA was founded in 2017 by a group of diverse leaders in the industry who wanted to close the representation gap in an industry they loved, but failed to represent them and their communities. It is run by media industry professionals volunteering their time to help fulfil MEFA’s mission, and membership is entirely free for people of colour from Black, Asian, mixed race and ethnic minority working in the media industry.

The results from the All in Census from the Advertising Association were released in June 2021 and provided data on representation as well as lived experiences for people from ethnic minority background. Sadly, 1 in 7 people from ethnic minority backgrounds have experienced racism at work and 1 in 4 are looking to leave the industry. MEFA wants to be the force for change that helps our industry overcome these issues.


At MEFA, our mission is to help Black, Asian, mixed race and ethnic minority talent thrive in the media and advertising industry, and ultimately, increase the ethnic diversity of the media and advertising industry in the UK. Over the past three years, we have built a strong community of diverse talent at all levels. 


Through our work, our events and our forums, we have built a safe environment for connecting, sharing, learning, and for driving change. We focus on the recruitment of diverse talent, the retention of diverse talent, and the career development of our members. 

Recruit. Retain. Rise. 

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All in Census 2023, Advertising Association





  • Career mobility and progression for MEFA members via a jobs board and networking

  • Schools outreach, with a focus on diversely populated areas, promoting awareness of careers in media and advertising 

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  • ERG (employee resource group) support through connecting, promoting and sharing best practices for employees in D&I resource groups and ERG leaders

  • Monitor the inclusivity of Black, Asian and ethnic minority talent, and MEFA’s role in supporting them

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  • Industry-wide mentoring programmes provided by our role models, structured to support and develop talent within the industry 

  • Events and networking, including MEFA Matters, our programme of inspiring panels and speakers, and MEFA Mixer sessions

Leadership Team

Our Sponsors

A big thank you to our commercial supporters, without who’s funding MEFA would not have the resources to fulfil our mission.

Commercial supporters gain access to a range of benefits, including dedicated MEFA mentorship programmes, senior

D, E & I support, events and access to the MEFA community jobs board. 

If you are interested in supporting MEFA,

please contact Naren Patel.

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Become A Member

People from Black, Asian and other minorities ethnic communities are severely underrepresented within the media industry.  Our community will support, encourage and champion talent, providing learning from lived experiences and practical expertise in a safe space. 

Sign up below, becoming a mentor or a mentee is free.

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