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Engage With Students


School outreach is central to our Recruit pillar, to inspire the next generation of talent to join the media and advertising industry. We reach communities of students in schools and colleges that have a high population of pupils from Black, Asian and ethnic minorities as well as a high proportion of children on free school meals. 

Our MEFA Role Models are engaging with students through career talks, employability skills workshops and speed mentoring panels. Our aim is to provide these pupils an opportunity to be inspired and motivated by our Role Models; people from similar backgrounds, people who look like them.


As offices open up to visitors, MEFA Role Models will also be engaging members of the industry to open the doors for inspiration days, workshops, shadowing as well as work experience opportunities. 


"Thank you so much for the talk that you had at Brampton Manor Academy. It was a very inspiring talk and thanks for the advice as well and I'd love to start my own businesses, whether they're social enterprises or tech companies or even my own agency"


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